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Our mission is to help our clients reach maximum allowable reimbursement while maintaining highest levels of integrity, compliance and ethics.

Let us chase the insurances companies for you!

About Us

Since 2019, Wilde Chiropractic Billing, LLC has provided quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our Medical Billing Service.

Our key offerings include:

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Billing and Payment Tracking

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Correcting Claims

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Billing and Payment Tracking

Almost 17% of a physicians’ working hours are spent on administrative tasks. With our

services that is 17% of your working hours that could be spent on patient care!

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We will enter your payments as they appear on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB). If there are any non-payments, we will research what caused the denied claim and correct your claim, if necessary.

Correcting Claims

Overwhelmed with coding changes and incomplete claims?

Frustrated with your claims getting denied?

Tired of not getting your maximum reimbursement due to coding errors?

Instead of hassling yourself with correcting the denied claims, you can spend that valuable time with your clients. You can breathe easy knowing we have:

  • Reviewed the EOB and claim to make any necessary changes.
  • Added the proper resubmission code with the claim number and resubmitted to insurance carrier.
  • Provided guidance to staff/employee on best practices and how to avoid denied claim issues.

Credentialing... Why do I need it?

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Simply put, credentialing is a method of verifying that healthcare professionals are


Common benefits of credentialing include:

  • Maintain reputation within the field
  • Protect patients’ safety
  • Prevent malpractice
  • Give patients confidence
  • Make the hiring process for physicians easier
  • Reduce restrictions placed by insurance companies/insurance reimbursement
  • Prevent loss of revenue and billing issues

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